UZit A-Lap Set™
Fully Opened
UZit A-Lap™ shown inserted through 5mm Flexible Port
UZit A-Lap™ distal end passing through EZaxess Flexible Port
"UZit" A-Lap™ (Type N) Retractor
The First 3-D Soft Tissue Laparoscopic Tubular Structure Retractor:

  • UZit Retractor has a special design - a unique cut on the middle of the retractor's barrier provides new retraction capabilities - Laparoscopy Tubular Organ Retractor.
  • The UZit soft tissue retractor is a 3-D Soft Tissue Laparoscopic Tubular Retractor which allows surgeon to scoop and protect soft tissue over blood vessels etc during surgery.

Examples for utilization of UZit special Retractor:

  • UZit is a great tool with special design which allows surgeon to simplify and improve the Laparoscopic nephrectomy procedure.
    The surgeon views the kidney and surrounding tissue with a flexible video scope while utilizing the UZit Retractor to retract the kidney, UZit Retractor provides great tool for scoping the kidney over its blood vessels.
  • Uzit can simplify dramatically the most common Laparoscopic surgical procedure performed for treatment of GERD which is a Nissen fundoplication.
    UZit special design allows surgeons to manipulate organs despite tubular on its way, UZit soft tissue retractor is the ultimate solution for retraction in one shot during Nissen fundoplication procedure.

The UZit Set™ is comprised of two components:

  • UZit (Type N A-lap™) retractor
  • EZaxess, Flexible Trocar - Unique Flexible port, compatible with 5mm laparoscopy tools and winged blunt tip Introducer
  • A key factor in safe and effective laparoscopic surgery is the surgeon's ability to conveniently view the working area and create a good surgical window in a consistent, controlled manner.

    UZit is the first 3-Dimensional "hand-like" laparoscopic retractor. Features include a soft and compliant mesh controlled by an intuitive handle design, allowing the surgeon to manipulate and lock-in the degree to which the device is opened. UZit (Type N A-Lap™) design enables conveniently "wrapping" a large volume of tissue, by accepting the natural topography of the organ, thus simplifying soft tissue retraction and reducing 'slippage' of tissue during retraction.

    The UZit 3-Dimensional "hand-like" design allows optimal soft-tissue retraction for General surgery, Gynecology and Urology procedures.

    UZit is packaged with a dedicated soft flexible port, which can be used with any 5-6mm laparoscopic tool.

A-Lap™ Procedural Animation

A-Lap™ Procedural Demonstration

A-Lap™ Procedural Demonstration

Da Vinci Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Right Partial Nephrectomy Utilizing the A-LAP™

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