EZaxess 5-10mm
EZaxess 5-10mm
EZaxess 5-10mm

EZaxessTM 5-10mm Flexible Trocar

"Advanced Simplicity" - Expandable Mechanism For 10mm Tool In 5mm Incision

  • EZsurgical Introduces the EZaxessTM Trocar with Flexible Cannula, allowing the surgeon to insert 10mm tools through a 5mm incision - A Simple procedure without additional cost.
  • Better clinical care, superior convenience for the surgeon and cost saving for the hospital.

The EZaxessTM Advantages

  • Flexible -
    • Optimal tool manipulation
    • Large Range of Motion
    • Flexibility reduces stress applied by cannula on tissue
  • Low profile above abdomen -
    • Increases available space in surgical area
  • Radiolucent
  • Flange - Prevents unintentional port removal
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with Curved Products
  • 5mm Blunt Blade-Less Tip


DASH™ Procedural Animation

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