Photo courtesy: KarenMarie.
Meyers, MD (IL)

Repair of Esophageal.
DASH Size 1
Photo courtesy Loren Harris, MD, (NY)

Lower Anterior Resection
DASH Size 3
Photo Courtesy Joe Martz, MD (NY)

Disposable, Absorbent, Secure Hold

DASH™ - The "Gold Standard" for soft tissue retraction.

DASH™ is a proprietary hands-free, 3-Dimensional malleable absorptive retractor for open surgeries, where padded retraction and enhanced visualization is required.

The main advantage of the DASH™ is it's 3-Dimensional reshaping ability - The ability to conform and maintain 3-D shapes as the surgeon requires, thus enabling the best soft-tissue retractor available world-wide.

DASH™ ability to absorb fluid is highly valuable, and allows a reduction in the use of lap-sponges thus reducing the risk of foreign body retention.

DASH™ is FDA and CE cleared, and has achieved wide clinical experience, with over 20,000 cases performed worldwide. A clinical study proving safety and efficacy was published in "Journal of Surgical Innovation".

An incremental step in patient safety: reducing the risks of retained foreign bodies by the use of an integrated laparotomy pad/retractor.
Surg Innov. 2008 Sep;15(3):203-7.

The HandDASH™ is designed specifically to enhance retraction and visualization during Hand-Assisted Laparoscopy (HALS procedures).


DASH™ Procedural Animation

DASH™ Procedural Demonstration....


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