A-Lap Setô
Fully Opened
A-Lapô shown inserted through Flexible Port
EZaxess Flexible Port and Blunt Introducer
A-Lapô distal end passing through EZaxess Flexible Port

The A-Lap Setô is comprised of two components:
  • The A-lapô retractor
  • EZaxess, Flexible Trocar- Unique Flexible port, compatible with 5-6mm laparoscopy tools and winged blunt tip Introducer

A key factor in safe and effective laparoscopic surgery is the surgeon's ability to conveniently view the working area and create a good surgical window in a consistent, controlled manner.

A-Lapô is the first 3-Dimensional "hand-like" laparoscopic retractor. Features include a soft and compliant mesh controlled by an intuitive handle design, allowing the surgeon to manipulate and lock-in the degree to which the device is opened. A-Lapô (the A-Lapô Type N) design enables conveniently "wrapping" a large volume of tissue, by accepting the natural topography of the organ, thus simplifying soft tissue retraction and reducing 'slippage' of tissue during retraction.

The A-Lapô 3-Dimensional "hand-like" design allows optimal soft-tissue retraction for General surgery, Gynecology and Urology procedures.

A-Lapô is packaged with a dedicated soft flexible port, which can be used with any 5-6mm laparoscopic tool.

A-Lapô Procedural Animation

A-Lap™ Procedural Demonstration

A-Lap™ Procedural Demonstration

Da Vinci Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Right Partial Nephrectomy Utilizing the A-LAPô

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