An Incremental Step in Patient Safety

Reducing the Risks of Retained Foreign Bodies by the Use of an Integrated Laparotomy Pad/Retractor

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Lap Restorative Proctectomy Utilizing the A-Lap™ "Hand-Like" Laparoscopic retractor

The A-Lap retractor was used in this procedure to assist in retraction of the small bowel, allowing the surgical team to have optimal exposure while performing all crucial steps in this highly complicated surgery�

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EZSurgical is a medical device company headquartered in Or Akiva, Israel.

EZsurgical develops manufactures and markets innovative medical devices aiming to improve patient care and simplify procedures for surgeons.

The company's DASH� Malleable 3-D retractor for open surgery is sold world-wide.

The company's A-Lap� is the first 3-Dimensional "hand-like" laparoscopic retractor. The A-Lap� is distributed in Europe and in the US.

EZsurgical maintains strong R&D initiatives for organic growth as well as product development via in-license opportunities, and is constantly looking for physicians with new promising medical devices to add to its product portfolio.

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DASH™ Procedural Animation

DASH™ Procedural Demonstration....


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